for Users: Serve Customers Attentively And Make Human Life Colorful.
for Employees: Create Development Space, Enhance Employee Value, And Improve The Quality Of Work And Life.
for The Society: Promote The Healthy Development Of The Cause And Serve The Civilization And Progress Of The Society.

business Philosophy:
honest! Be Realistic! Innovation! Efficient! Responsibility!

moral Principle:
it Is Better To Lose Money Than To Lose Credibility; Be A Clean Person And Act With Integrity;
keep Improving At Work, Treat People Sincerely And Pragmatically; All Businesses, Big Or Small, Will Be Treated Equally;

corporate Style:
serious, Responsible, Strict, Proactive And Efficient
seriously: Keep Improving And Ask The Bottom Line
responsible: Have The Courage To Take Responsibility
strict: Strict Management, Strict Rewards And Punishments. Strictly Discipline Yourself, Strictly Discipline People, Strictly Follow The Work Process, And Strictly Reward And Punish.
proactive: Take The Initiative To Accept Tasks, Take The Initiative To Take The Responsibility, Take The Initiative To Discover Problems, And Take The Initiative To Improve.
efficient: Clear Work Plan And Quick Response. After Doing Today's Things, Leave Room For Tomorrow.

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