Established In 2013, Heshengcheng Technology Co., Ltd. Is Committed To The Design, Development, Manufacturing, And Sales Of Wireless Multimedia And Internet Of Things Core Technologies And Products, And Provides Related Technical Consultation And Technical Services. Based In Shenzhen, The Company Has Established A Research And Development Center, Sales Center, And Production Base In Shenzhen.
     In Just A Few Years, The Company Has Grown Into The Largest Wireless Multimedia Chip Agent And Solution Provider In China. It Is A Strategic Partner Of Hengxuan Technology, A Top Domestic Wireless Multimedia Chip Company. Both Parties Are Engaged In The Core Technologies Of Wireless Multimedia And The Internet Of Things. Close Exchanges And Cooperation Were Carried Out In Many Aspects Such As Marketing Promotion. Based On The Development Of Wireless Multimedia And The Internet Of Things, The Company Will Conduct In-depth Research And Accumulation In The Following Areas:
1. Bluetooth-based Speakers, Headphones And Other Personal Audio Equipment;
2. Smart Voice And Smart Home Equipment Based On Wifi;
3. Internet Of Things Devices Based On Nb-iot;
4. Industry-leading Anc Active Noise Reduction Technology And Dual Mic Noise Reduction Technology;
5. Speech Recognition, Semantic Recognition And Other Algorithms.

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